Magnesium chloride for teeth

It was noticed at a study in New Zealand that caries resistant teeth contained twice as much magnesium as caries delicate teeth on an average.
This is primarily problem which is often accompanied, when the side thyroid glands are overstrained chronically, by a signpost underactivity of the glands. This is often the case in the teeth by a thrush infection, at amalgam fillings and in the root channel: The parathyroid glands to the overproduction push apparently the thyroid gland production and irritate all under.
What does the body do with the surplus calcium in the blood? It stores it in the fabric where a chronic inflammation is just always rampant. This leads what a reduced hormone production has the consequence in the end for example to the joint calcification, as in the case of arthritis, as well as to the calcification of the ovaries and other glands. Calcifications in the kidneys require a dialysis and calcifications in the chest fabric particularly in the mammary glands at the end, are often treated with unnecessary mastectomies or other invasive interventions.

magnesium chloride for bones

Magnesium for healthy bones and teeth
Women of the Bantu tribe in Africa who take magnesium between 200 and 350 mg daily show the worldwide lowest osteoporosis rate. The calcium photo is on an average 1,000 mg in the western countries in which many dairy products are consumed.

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorus mirrors whom-the one of the side thyroid hormones and are kept in a swaying balance. The calcium mirror climbs, the magnesium mirror and reversed sink. A high phosphorus supply without a simultaneous high calcium or magnesium photo is the reason that calcium breaks loose from the bones and is eliminated with the urine from the body. A high phosphorus photo at simultaneously high calcium and magnesium supply leads to a mineralisation of the bones.
Many osteoporosis cases and hip breaks occurred where the water supply showed a high calcium, but low magnesium concentration, whereas such cases extremely seldom appeared in the areas with a high magnesium and low calcium mirror.
The same as for healthy bones also applies to healthy teeth. It was noticed at a study in New Zealand that caries resistant teeth contained twice as much magnesium as caries delicate teeth on an average.


In A depth of 800 meters the magnesium turns into a pure natural product brought in liquid form to the earth’s surface.
The liquid magnesium is then sprayed on cooling rollers, the one temperature of -18°C to 22˚ C and therefore froze. Then a kind of cornflakes structure arises. After a meal process and processing of the magnesium with the chemical name MgCl 2 • 6 H2O, food quality, E511 will the Magnesium chloride to Magnesium chloride – Hexahydrate and so released for the sale.

You shouldn’t take additional magnesium if you have serious kidney problems (for example if you go to the dialysis) and as well at Myasthenia grave accents (muscle suffering at which the muscles have fatigued so that they can be paralyzed at times). Consult your doctor in the case of doubt. You should be carefully with low blood pressure. Too much magnesium can cause muscle weakness – if this is the case, you should take more calcium temporarily.


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