Demit facade

Presentation on the implementation of the DEMIT facade.
1. Thermal insulation boards rule, glued on straight, solid and clean surfaces. In the event that the facade is carried out in old buildings, where the strength of the existing substrate is not reliable, we recommend an additional fastening with suitable plastic fasteners. In support of the insulating panels of the first series is usually the edge of the foundation or the U- profile strip is used, which is mechanically attached to the supporting wall.

2. Insulating panels glued with a suitable adhesive, which is applied with a metal spoon in the width of ca. 5 cm band around the edges of plates or in the longitudinal and transverse channels on the back side of the Demit panels. Properly selected adhesive provides good adhesion facade panels on various substrates.
3. The bonding facade panels start at the bottom of the facade, from right to left and from bottom to top Panels are installed with staggered vertical joints. In specific terms, it is necessary to fasten plates further mechanically with special fasteners, but only after the adhesive is already firmly tied.

4. After completing the process of drying glue and a completely flat surface facade panels with a metal trowel apply the first layer of DEMIT mortar.

5. Fresh layer of DEMIT mortar is impressed with reinforcing mesh DEMIT from top to bottom. On the contact network switched to ca. 10 cm. Corners of the facade openings should be further reinforced.

6. The dried first layer of mortar engraved with the network (approximately 24 hours). Apply a second layer of Demit mortar and smoothed with a metal trowel.

7. Dry the second layer of Demit mortar with roller or brush coat of primer Demit Example (basic, silicate or extra) depending on the type of top coat. Primer creates a good connection between Reinforcing layer and top coat.

More about Demit facade.
8. The primer is completely dry according to the instructions applied to the selected plaster. In the area of the base is used decorative protective plaster of color sands Demit layer.


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