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Magnesium for healthy bones and teeth

Magnesium for healthy bones and teeth

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorus mirrors whom-the one of the side thyroid hormones and are kept in a swaying balance. The calcium mirror climbs, the magnesium mirror and reversed sink. A high phosphorus supply without a simultaneous high calcium or magnesium photo is the reason that calcium breaks loose from the bones and is eliminated with the urine from the body. A high phosphorus photo at simultaneously high calcium and magnesium supply leads to a mineralisation of the bones. More on:
Many osteoporosis cases and hip breaks occurred where the water supply showed a high calcium, but low magnesium concentration, whereas such cases extremely seldom appeared in the areas with a high magnesium and low calcium mirror.
The same as for healthy bones also applies to healthy teeth. It was noticed at a study in New Zealand that caries resistant teeth contained twice as much magnesium as caries delicate teeth on an average.

magnesium chloride for bones


Criteria for the best dedicated server

Criteria are: many years of hosting experience, guaranteed 100% network uptime service, certified staff with 24/7 technical support, the newest best green dedicated servers that replace the existing ones, many recognitions and awards for “the best web hosting” and for customer support.

Cloud dedicated servers have some advantages: no downtime and instant upgrading of memory, storage, or CPU. Activation and changing operating system from Windows/Linux could be done promptly. Cloud dedicated servers are green, because they save the environment. Cloud servers reduce emission pollution and power consumption. Cloud servers are the best dedicated server solutions for the environment.

More about cloud and green dedicated servers.


A dedicated server is a computer that is rented by a hosting company and is not shared for more than one client, usually a huge web traffic. The customer needs the fastest and the most secured web hosting service. The client can choose unique hardware and software for his server.

A client usually rents the server and administration is provided by the hosting company.