Magnesium for healthy bones and teeth

Magnesium for healthy bones and teeth

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorus mirrors whom-the one of the side thyroid hormones and are kept in a swaying balance. The calcium mirror climbs, the magnesium mirror and reversed sink. A high phosphorus supply without a simultaneous high calcium or magnesium photo is the reason that calcium breaks loose from the bones and is eliminated with the urine from the body. A high phosphorus photo at simultaneously high calcium and magnesium supply leads to a mineralisation of the bones. More on:
Many osteoporosis cases and hip breaks occurred where the water supply showed a high calcium, but low magnesium concentration, whereas such cases extremely seldom appeared in the areas with a high magnesium and low calcium mirror.
The same as for healthy bones also applies to healthy teeth. It was noticed at a study in New Zealand that caries resistant teeth contained twice as much magnesium as caries delicate teeth on an average.

magnesium chloride for bones


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